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From Bhaktapur to Patan

Holy men, old folks home, and temples

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Our day started early (which can probably just be assumed going forward!) with a visit to what can only be described as a complex of temples. This was a big sprawling area with multiple temples, worshipers, and ceremonies. It is also home to the eccentric holy men. A smile and a few rupees will get you pictures!
Within the complex is a home for the elderly that is supported by the government and donations and staffed by local and international volunteers. There is no social security or pensions in Nepal, so the residents are "orphans" with no family to support them which is the norm. With 10,000 killed in the 2015 earthquake, there are a lot of kids and elderly who lost their source of support.
A few of the residents of the home...

And a few other people and scenes from around town

With all,of the motion and complexity, somehow things still manage to work! The electrical grid is not exactly what we are used to! Things are changing, though. Some major new roads are being built. Earthquake damaged building propped up by supports and scaffolding are being repaired and rebuilt. Daily life is hard work, but more on that with the next entry.

Little details and amazing sights continue to appear everywhere that you look

And finally, a little irony

And a couple of old goats

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Official Day #1

Exploring Bhaktapur

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Our official first day stared with a few morning shots, some education about street photography and Nepal, and then a walk around town in Bhaktapur. We mostly took photos pf people going about their normal daily business.


And maybe a few who were hamming it up for the camera!

And then there were the really different types

And lots of little details to discover

Ending the day meeting an author. One who writes the book, makes the paper, and prints the book in batches of 100! In his spare time, he in putting together a museum in a building that he is restoring post earthquake!

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Recovery Day in Bhaktapur

semi-overcast 82 °F
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Today was a recovery day to recover from jet lag. Yesterday was 3 hours on ground to Chicago, 13 hours to Abu Dhabi, 2 hours layover, and 4 hours to Kathmandu. Exclamation point was taxi ride through Kathmandu, though arguably the fastest transportation of the day!

Today woke up earlier than planned with Dad knocking on door because he could't sleep with time change. Sigh.
We are within a couple of hundred yards of great coffee, many temples, shops, and LOTS of scooters!
Earthquake damage (from March 2015) is still visible with some buildings reduced to rubble and others with supports, but overall it is ore surprising how much is intact.
In terms of architecture, NOTHING is "plain." The amount of artistry and craftsmanship in everything is unreal.
We took a walk to Durbar Square an pottery square finding interesting people, places, and things along the way.
Returned for an afternoon drink and visited with others joining our group representing Nepal, the UK, Canada, Switzerland and the US. As we wrapped up visiting, got a great rainbow over two temples highlighting the view from the balcony!
Heading to dinner and then one more night of sleep should put us on Nepal time for real! If you want to figure out what time it is here, add 10:45 to central! They are off 15 minutes from the rest of the world. In asking why I was told it was the same reason they don't have a rectangular flag,
They march to the beat of their own drum -- Literally during Daishan festival where we have watched parades with drums, cymbals, and flutes throughout the day.

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Preparing for trip halfway around the world

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Starting at O'Hare Chicago awaiting flight to Abu Dhabi, and on to Nepal. Didn't really matter whether we flew East or West -- distance is about the same!

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Survived flight number 1

All 13 hours of it

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1) Almost every product and service we use is better now than it was a generation ago. Air travel is HUGE exception. Just keeps getting worse!
2) OHare needs a serious fall cleaning
3) Saudi Arabia is hot! But, on our way to Nepal in a couple of hours.

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